About Us

Our Philosophy

Some of my fondest memories growing up as a child involve my mother and I cooking up a new dish together. One particular recollection I cherish deeply included me standing on top of a chair, leaned against the counter as we measured and whipped the ingredients together. We poured the batter into a pan and placed it centered in the oven. As the timer went off, she prepared her oven mitts and pulled out the steaming hot pan. Sharp hints of cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla wafted through the kitchen. As we set the naked loaf aside to cool, we started to prepare the ingredients for the frosting. The recipe called for a cherry-flavored frosting, but I despised cherries. My mother knew this and asked what flavor I wanted to frost it, and that at the end of the day I should make it “A Tu Gusto”. I smiled widely, and replied “chocolate frosting!”.

“A Tu Gusto” which roughly translates into “to your liking” or “enjoyment” is the basis and foundation of our platform. We hope you take this principle to heart as you browse through our collection of recipes and remember to always cook up any dish in a way that satisfies you. We understand that everybody enjoys their food differently. At the end of the day, you do YOU!

Want your pasta even creamier? Then feel free to add an extra splash of heavy whip or two. Worried about carbs in your tacos? Just replace the tortilla with lettuce or my personal favorite- CHEESE! Want your dish to have an extra kick to it? My good friend cayenne pepper has never let me down.

Nothing is as satisfying as taking that first bite of a homemade meal cooked “A Tu Gusto”. THAT is the definition of comfort food.